Thank You!

Lon’s Lair began offering adventure games as a small local game shop over 16 years ago and soon entered the web to also become a dedicated online destination for great deals on great games.

Expanding into convention vending, Lon’s Lair was reborn as the traveling merchant whom would bring forth gems from the Lair’s stash tailored for each convention’s events. Later we joined with a local store to help direct their game sales and provide a location for a gaming community to spring forth from the surrounding areas at a time when there were few locations to gather for open gaming with friends both old and new. Beginning February 1st we have now teamed up with another great local game store to create new memories and continue helping people find the games they’re looking for.

As our focus will now be on helping our new team on-site as well as leading their convention sales and promotions, will no longer be selling products online. However you’ll still see us at the next con, providing you with the best products our industry has to offer!

I’d like to thank all of our customers from over the years for all your support. Whether providing you with the best games you could find online, to all the good times at our original store, and to all the great folks we’ve met at conventions, It’s our customers tales of good times the’ve shared playing games Lon’s Lair provided that have made this journey all worthwhile. We hope to continue seeing many of you and meeting many more faces through our newest adventure to help spread the fun of table top gaming.

Watch this space. We’ll soon announce upcoming conventions where you can find us. We are still dedicated to providing you with your next game so feel free to reach out with any convention requests!

Let’s roll…